The Kingpin is the house blend for both of Method’s locations. The name “Kingpin” was inspired from late nights at the Denver icon Elitch Lanes. Method actually was officially formed over a pitcher of beer, some gutter balls and a few strikes in 2013.

Espresso Kingpin

What makes this coffee so special to us is the bright and fruit forward flavors that this blend offers. It is the perfect balance of chocolate and cherries. With beans imported form Mexico, Peru, and Ethiopia this coffee is the perfect combination of tart and sweet. When enjoying this for yourself, you are greeted with a tart taste of cherry, which blends into a sweet chocolate. The diversity of this flavor profile leads to a warmth that fills you up and leaves you satisfied.

Click the link to try Kingpin out at home yourself, or stop by one of our locations. We would love to share our passion for coffee with you

AuthorAlex Rawal