The Chemex is designed to amplify sweetness and limit bitterness. The design of the filters and pour spout create a vacuum that is not replicated in any other brew method. In essence, the Chemex produces a clean, pure cup without any sediment or bitterness.

Things you will need:

  • Chemex

  • Chemex Bonded Filters (Bleached if possible)

  • Kettle

  • Burr Grinder

  • Scale

  • Timer

Step 1:

Fill your kettle and heat water to approximately 200-202° F

Step 2:

Weigh out 48g of coffee and grind on a fine pourover setting

Step 3:

Place a Chemex filter on the top of the decanter, ensure that the 3-layered side is facing the spout, rinse with heated water to ensure no paper taste carries into the cup and to pre-heat your brew vessel.

Step 4:

After rinsing, pour out the water from the Chemex into a sink. Do your best not to break the seal of the filter and Chemex.

Step 5:

Place the Chemex with wetted filter on the scale and tare. Place ground coffee in the Chemex and tare again.

Step 6:

Start timer and pour about 100g of water to pre-wet the coffee. This allows the coffee to bloom and release any excess CO2. Allow the coffee to bloom roughly 90 seconds (varies depending on coffee).

Step 7:

Using a continuous circular motion, pour water over the coffee. Avoid the sides of the coffee and pour down the middle. Stop when the weight reaches 710g.

If the water level gets too high, allow the level to dissipate before continuing to pour. Best practice is to keep the slurry 5 cm below the top of Chemex. As water drips, a vacuum is created and pushes the coffee towards side of the decanter.

Step 8:

Once the drips stall to every couple of seconds, the brew is finished. A correct grind should yield a time of approximately 3:30 - 4 minutes or so. Remove the filter and discard.

AuthorAlex Rawal